Self-Managed Super Fund

Buying property for your Self-Managed Super Fund


Using your SMSF to borrow and invest in residential property will help you accelerate wealth accumulation and diversify your investment portfolio


  • Suitable for those who already have a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) or are planning to establish a SMSF.
  • You have an established SMSF home loan on your residential investment property and are looking for flexible options.
  • Use a SMSF to borrow and invest in real estate which is residential investment property – this may be a strategy to diversify your investment portfolio and accelerate wealth creation.
  • A limited recourse loan, so other assets of your SMSF are protected.
  • You may be entitled to receive income tax and negative gearing benefits


Rest assured knowing that other SMSF assets are safe from recourse as the ability to recover the home loan debt is limited to the property itself, so other assets of your super fund are not put at risk.


When you borrow funds through your SMSF to purchase an investment property all other assets owned by your fund are protected in case the loan cannot be repaid.