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Home & Contents Insurance


Have you thought about your current home insurance and what would happen if your home and contents were destroyed or damaged by fire, hailstorm or even a cyclone? You may think that you are covered but realise in the event of a claim that you do not have adequate insurance to replace your possessions.

It’s easy to forget how quickly your house can increase in value or how your possessions can accumulate.

When you take out your home insurance you need to make sure you first calculate the full replacement value of your house and its contents. Then choose the home and contents insurance that best suits your current insurance needs.

Home and Contents Insurance

We can advise on a range of home and contents products so you can feel assured that you have the right insurance whatever your situation.

For more information on our range of home & contents insurance or to obtain a quote, please contact us.

Residential Strata Insurance

Residential strata insurance covers a range of options for building insurance from home unit, to townhouses, to villas. Residential strata insurance is designed to cover the complexity of state to state building insurance legislation for strata title properties.

Residential strata insurance provides cover for accidental loss or damage to the building and to the common contents for residential buildings, which are registered under strata or unit title legislation.

Residential strata insurance offers you competitive features and benefits. Whether you are looking for Strata, Group, or Body Corporate insurance cover you can compare residential strata insurance by contacting us.

Personal Motor Vehicle Insurance

Personal motor vehicle insurance is designed to give you choice when it comes to covering your motor vehicle. You can relax knowing your motor vehicle insurance policy covers a range of events from accidental loss or damage, fire, theft or attempted theft, malicious damage or storm damage to your vehicle.

Talk to us and we can arrange competitive personal motor vehicle insurance. Whether you are looking for comprehensive motor vehicle insurance or third party motor vehicle insurance cover, you can compare your motor vehicle insurance by contacting us.

We can arrange motor vehicle insurance that can simplify the claims process and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We can also arrange motor vehicle insurance with an Australia-wide claims service as well as yearly or monthly payment options.

For more information on motor vehicle insurance or to obtain a quote, please contact us.

Caravan & Trailer Insurance

Caravan and trailer insurance covers your caravan, trailer and/or contents whether you are at home or away. Wherever you are it is important to have caravan or motorhome insurance cover for loss or damage to the caravan and its contents.

Caravan and trailer insurance also covers trailers, camper trailers, animal floats, unregistered on-site caravans and your caravan annexe.

Talk to us and we can arrange competitive caravan or trailer insurance. Whether you are looking for caravan or trailer insurance, you can compare your insurance by contacting us.

Boat Insurance

Want your boat covered at sea and on shore?

We understand that boating mishaps don’t just happen at sea. That’s why the insurance we can arrange not only covers many types of boats, but also covers them in and out of the water.

When it comes to insuring your boat and protecting others, never underestimate the importance of good advice.

Why pay for insurance that you don’t need or find out that you are underinsured when it comes to the crunch.

We can arrange cover for your powerboat, cruiser, yacht, houseboat or catamaran and it will cover your hull, contents, accessories and equipment, sails, motors and boat trailer.

You have the flexibility of choosing cover that’s right for you.  You can select either comprehensive boat insurance and/or boat liability insurance.

Comprehensive boat insurance includes your liability cover as well as loss or damage to your boat caused by events such as accidental loss or damage, fire, theft, malicious damage or storm damage

Liability insurance covers you for amounts you must legally pay for injury or death of another person, or loss or damage to their property caused by your boat.

So you can relax and feel confident that you have the right insurance for your boat, contact us.